About Us

China-Tanzania Security Company Limited was established in February 2013, with the aim of serving the fast growing security industry in Tanzania. China-Tanzania Security prides itself on recognizing the ever changing business risk reduction solutions as well as the continually evolving security environment and as a result our approach is geared towards providing more holistic and integrated security solutions to our clients. We have a competent, disciplined, experienced, well skilled and trained team, who are always and foremost the most vigilant part of our organization. Coupled with the utilization of modern state of the art security technology, we are more than confident that we can provide you with the highest level of service and meet all your requirements for security systems and services.

China-Tanzania Security main ethos is that one security solution, product or measure is not solid enough and hence we focus on a more integrated approach essential for continuity. We also understand that there is more to security than just that of the physical assets of the company and owners but it extends to company time, efforts, intellectual property and many more all essential for business prosperity and competitiveness in today’s world. Simply put the safer and secure you or your business is, the longer we stay in business.


El-Malik Aboud

El-Malick Aboud